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Welcome to Sri Lankaramaya Library management system.

The evidence of Buddhist texts written in temples in Sri Lanka goes back as far as the first century BC. Over the ages the temple libraries, or ‘Pothgul’, were a major educational tool for monks and nuns as well as the general public until modern educational systems were developed.

It is our duty to share the values of over 2500 year old culture with our multicultural society and let our younger generation smell the scent of our traditions and practices in the light of Buddhist heritage. The major objective of this library is to offer a comprehensive book collection that relates to Buddhist culture and is not freely available in other community libraries.

At present over one thousand books are available in the library which caters to the young up to senior citizen. The majority of these books are written in Sinhala and are associated with Buddhist teaching but a considerable number of books written in English are also available.

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